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Bird Watching

Sri Lanka is literally a bird-watchers' treasure box. It is a bird watching paradise with a large number of birds that are endemic to Sri Lanka.
The best part of it is that there is no on and off season for bird watching since the climate is quite the same throughout the year. Sri Lanka is home to about 400 species of birds in which 23 are said to be endemic. A lot of migrating birds are found in Sri Lanka.

- Kalamatiya, Kandalama Sanctuary, Udawatte Kale Sanctuary, Sinharaja Forest, Kitulgala Forest Reserve

Bird watching is tourists'one of the most preferred activities in Sri Lanka.

activity packages in sri lanka


The most famous place for surfing is the Arugam bay on the East Coast which also happened to host the 2004 National Championships. The usual surfing season is from April to September when it is very windy. Southern Coastal beaches are also famous among surfers.
- Arugam Bay, Bentota, Hikkaduwa

If you look for a surfing experience include this activity to packages in Sri Lanka. Arugam Bay is considered to be one of the best places for surfing in the World.

activity packages in sri lanka

Scuba Diving

One of the favorite recreational activities among tourists .There are several dive sites along Sri Lanka's coastline, where scuba diving is mostly done: Hikkaduwa beach and Tangalla beach during November to April and Nilaveli from April to September. While diving, you will be able to experience the rich and breathtakingly beautiful coral reefs and fish.
- Bentota, Hikkaduwa, Negombo, Nilaveli

activity packages in sri lanka

Hiking / Trekking

Hiking is usually done up in the Hill country where mountains and waterfalls are found in abundance. Jungles and nature reserves are also covered during hiking. A bit of bird watching can also be thrown in at the same time. Fully trained guides are on hand by hotels that offer hiking as a part of their package when it comes to exploring Sri Lanka.
- Sinharaja, Kithulgala, Pinnawala, Sigiriya, Dambulla, Knuckles, Belihul Oya

activity packages in sri lanka

Deep-Sea Fishing

As the waves plummet the sides of the boat and the sea birds call above your head, the ocean’s scent and the thrill of the chase is exhilarating. Shark, Marlin, Tuna, the big names in deep-water game fishing roam Sri Lanka’s deep seas. Closer to shore the calmer waters teem with a variety of species, and the hospitable local fishermen are only too willing to invite visitors to join them on their daily or nightly excursions off the coastline.

activity packages in sri lanka

Wild Safari

One of the many reasons as to why people visit Sri Lanka is because of its very diverse wildlife. From flora to fauna, a lot of species are endemic to Sri Lanka. A lot of people, even the locals come to nature reserves and forests to get a glimpse of rare creatures for maybe once in their whole lifetime. A lot of nature reserves and sanctuaries are in Sri Lanka in order to protect the wildlife from human interests that might harm the animals including poaching. Visitors are allowed in to these reserves where you can take safari trips with a trained guide provided by the reserves themselves.

Sri Lanka is blessed with many national parks filled with wild safari experience. So many tour planners include at least one safari tout in activity packages in Sri Lanka.

- Yala National Park, Wasgamuwa National Park, Wilpattu National Park, Udawalawe National Park, Bundala National Park, Horton Plains, Minneriya National Park

activity packages in sri lanka


Pink frangipani flowers float in terracotta bowls, their sweet fragrance, a counterpoint to the earthy herbal notes of the oil being gently massaged into your feet and body. As you lie on a neem wood table, with dried neem leaves hanging from the ceiling to purify the air, you slip into that elusive state where body and mind are in complete harmony, the only reminder of the outside world being the soft sigh of the Indian Ocean in the background. One of the world’s oldest forms of healing, Ayurveda — derived from the Sanskrit words for life (ayuh) and knowledge or science (veda) — originated in India more than 3,000 years ago and soon spread to Sri Lanka, where Sinhalese kings established Ayurveda treatment centres in the ancient cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa. In Ayurveda, a combination of herbs, diet, massage, hydrotherapy and oil treatment is used to treat everything from stress to diabetes, migraine, asthma, arthritis and high blood pressure. Ayurveda specialists will tell you that this form of treatment also helps boost the immune system, promotes a general sense of well-being and even helps delay the ageing process.

activity packages in sri lanka


Sri Lanka is now the ultimate romantic destination in the world. The number of weddings held per year in Sri Lanka is increasing day by day. A lot of hotels and resorts offer wedding and honeymoon packages that guarantee that you will have a really memorable wedding and honeymoon. Let your imagination run wild so that you can have limitless possibilities for making one of the most important days in your life a dream come true. Most people opt for traditional Sinhalese weddings with going-away elephant rides, so on and so forth. A registrar is also at hand in most resorts based on requests. It will be a very different and very chic wedding experience and moreover, you can spend the honeymoon at a very romantic getaway by the beach or the in hill country. You will have the most amazing day in your life and that's guaranteed for sure.

activity packages in sri lanka

Whale and Dolphin Watching

The whale watching season in Kalpitiya and Mirissa is in full swing by January every year with whales and dolphins parading their presence in the Sothern and North-Western oceans of Sri Lanka. In the oceans around Kalpitiya sperm whales, Blue Whales, pigmy sperm whales and pilot whales gather in large pods of fifty to hundred members, some in water as shallow as 30 meters, with large concentration gathering around Dutch reef. The whales are accompanied by large pods of Spinner Dolphins that could be found within a just one hour boat ride from Kalpitiya harbour. Other than the most common spinner dolphins, other species including Risso’s Dolphin, Bottlenose Dolphin and Striped Dolphin too make appearance although not as frequently or in such large numbers. Meanwhile Blue whales, Bryde´s whales, Sperm whales, Fin whales, bottle nose dolphins, common dolphins and spinner dolphins grace the waters of Southern Seas of Sri Lanka from Weligama to Mirrissa and can be found within just eight to ten nautical miles from Mirissa harbor. This is another demanded activity in Sri Lanka. And is renowned among the tourists. This is a seasonal activity and therefore available certain months of the year.

activity packages in sri lanka


As the multi-coloured hot-air balloon drifts silently above the forest, adventure takes on a whole new meaning. Startled by the noise of a sudden burst of gas keeping the balloon aloft, a couple of peacocks take flight directly below the balloon’s basket, their outrageously long iridescent blue and emerald tail feathers streaming behind like a psychedelic jet stream. Several deer dart nervously across a clearing below, but the small herd of elephants continues feeding, utterly unfazed by this aerial intruder. Balloons that travel with the wind, make for one of the most surreal and tranquil sensations of flight. Following the initial adrenaline rush of the take off, one could settle down to absorb the wonder of the colorful earth below.

activity packages in sri lanka


The ocean around Sri Lanka whispers of tales bygone, ones of regal maritime visits, of bandits and pirates and journeys of explorers and spice merchants. As you plunge into the warm waters and dive below, these stories come to life. The crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean with a visibility of 20 meters (65ft) provide perfect conditions for diving. With wrecks as dated as the 18th Century dotting the seas, deep reefs and reef walls provide enthralling explorations for scuba divers. For the less adventurous on-shore coral reefs are ideal for snorkeling. The abundant marine life found around the island is surpassed only at Hikkaduwa in the southern coast where the reef is thought to contain more species of fish than the Great Barrier Reef.